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Turned down on a Flooring Claim...
Have you been denied on your flooring claim? We offer a low cost independent analysis of your flooring claims.  We will advise you whether to seek further action.  Send us a description of your concern and / or the copy of the denied claim. 
Please include photos (limit 6).

Evaluation Cost $50.00
Additional photos $15.00
Document Review $25.00
We will evaluate your claim & advise you if further action is necessary.  We have a network of Certified
Flooring Inspectors that we can refer through the USA.  Commercial evaluations are $100 minimum and $150 per hour.
Please provide Contact name, email address, phone number.  Contact will be made within 24 hours.
CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT Questions, Photos & Decuments.

We will send a link for payment upon receipt of your email.